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  1. New open Elzevir dates in the spring
    Sent February 8th 2015

    Hi Elzevir subscribers We've had a few more changes to spring reservations and have the following great periods of time open: April 30 to May 7 May 29 to June 12 June 19 onwards If you are planning a spring vacation with the dollar being strong, let us...

  2. Open spring dates April 30 to May 7
    Sent January 31st 2015

    Hi Elzevir followers, Our renovation is progressing right on time. We hope to send out some near-completion photos in early March. We've had wonderful success with our architect (and good friend & neighbor) who sends us photos almost every day s...

  3. The Elzevir Apartment - June 19th to 30th now open
    Sent December 20th 2014

    Hi Since we'll be visiting the apartment right after the renovation in late March, we've just opened a very popular time - June 19th to 30th (our usual time) - in case you or anyone you know is interested. Happy holidays, Bill and Ineke ...

  4. The Elzevir Apartment Newsletter - December 2014
    Sent December 15th 2014

    Happy holidays everyone, We just finished up our newsletter which you should be able to access through this link. If you can't access it, just email us back and we can send it to you. http://www.elzevir.net//newsletters/ElzevirNewsletterDec14.pdf or ...

  5. Elzevir Newsletter June 2014 (updated)
    Sent July 6th 2014

    Hello Elzevir subscribers One of our clients noticed that the last page was missing ! So please refresh your browser to see the updated version. --------------------------- We just returned from Paris and put together our latest newsletter. You can a...

  6. Elzevir Newsletter June 2014
    Sent July 6th 2014

    Hello Elzevir subscribers We just returned from Paris and put together our latest newsletter. You can access it at this link: http://www.elzevir.net/newsletters/ElzevirNewsletterJun14.pdf Looking forward to your next stay! Best wishes Bill and Ineke ...

  7. Elzevir Dates open in May
    Sent April 14th 2014

    Hi Elzevir Subscribers We just had an unfortunate cancellation from regular clients and friends, and now have open May 5 to May 24. If you or your friends are interested, let us know! Best wishes Ineke and Bill ...

  8. Newsletter from The Elzevir Apartment
    Sent December 25th 2013

    Happy Holidays and Newsletter Hello Elzevir subscribers: We just returned from Paris and as always lots of things have changed. The below link is to our December 2013 newsletter. If you can't download it through the link, let me know and I'll email...

  9. December 13-26 at Elzevir now open
    Sent November 23rd 2013

    Hello Elzevir Subscribers, One of our regular clients had to make a last minute cancellation and we now have Dec 13 - 26 open. If you are interested in spending the holidays in Paris, we'll do a special discount for those on our subscriber list. Inek...

  10. The Elzevir Apartment Newsletter - June 2013
    Sent July 7th 2013

    Hi Elzevir subscribers I just returned from Paris and put together the attached newsletter. If for some reason you can't display the newsletter, you can access it (June 2013) and previous ones at: http://www.elzevir.net/parisPictures.htm along with l...

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