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Date: June 25th 2011

The Elzévir Apartment Newsletter - June 2011
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I just returned from our regular Paris June trip and here are my usual updates on Paris, Le Marais and our apartment. Due to finishing a new fragrance, Ineke unfortunately couldn’t make it :(

In the apartment we moved to the Darty THD (Tres Haut Debit) internet service which includes phone, TV and internet in one. It’s a great addition as it cleans up the desk quite a bit and still provides unlimited international calls, a faster WiFi system and new TV channels.

There is now only one phone and you dial international numbers by “00 + country code + phone number”. Temporarily we won’t have the US number that rings in the apartment until I figure out how to do that with Google Voice. Next, we replaced the stylish but impossible to figure out light switch in the kitchen to a more obvious design that has a separate on/off and dimmer buttons. This small but important change will make everyone, including Alex, much happier!

Also, I know in the past newsletters we mentioned a lot of new additions and I finally retook the living room photo where you can see the end tables, lamps, etc.

First, food-wise in the area, the Meert chocolate is fully open with a great selection of chocolates and a very nice staff. It really adds to the neighborhood and we can almost forget those many years of infinitesimally slow construction after eating one of their treats. We even heard from Alain (Royal Café) that a video was shot for a US station at Meert.

Next, the café “Petit Place” is open and I think I ate there every other day. They have a nice terrace and good prices. Their Onion Soup is excellent and almost a meal in itself (right Cindy!)

Two other restaurants that should be tried on your next trip are Le Carre des Vosges, 15 rue Saint Gilles (in the previous Petite Pamphlet) and Claude Colliot, 40 rue Blancs-Manteaux.

Alex is doing great with his wine tasting classes and runs 2-3 on Saturday and one almost every night. They are in French except when he gets enough people signing up, he has one in English. His good friend Sophie has a English tour to the champagne region that is an all-inclusive day trip to Reims. If you like champagne and are looking for a day trip, you should try it.

In looking through the 3rd arrondissement’s website, I discovered a passage that I hadn’t known about called the “Passage de L’Ancre”. Here is one photo and you can see more when you visit my photo albums from the trip (see the links at the end of the newsletter).

Alain (37 years running the Royal Café) updated me that the Musee Picasso will reopen in 2013 and it be one of the few places in Paris that will then be able to hold “Grand Expositions” which will be exciting to have in the area. There is a major renovation of the Carreau du Temple which will turn it into a concert and activities center (see photos at the end). On Sundays, the Marais has limited traffic and it is great to wander around the streets. While “flaning” through the Marais and stopping at Square Cain, I noticed that the parks now have free WiFi (for 2 hour stretches) so if you have your iPad, etc. you can go into the park and read your eBook. Finally, if you like cars, there was a fantastic exhibition (L’art de L’automobile) at the Musee Arts Decoratifs of a select group of Ralph Lauren’s car collection. The detail in these cars were just amazing to see close-up and it is a definite exposition to see if you are in Paris. You weren’t supposed to take pictures but I snapped a few carefully

Well, that’s it for this trip. Please click on the links to see these photo albums from the trip:

Scenic Pictures from Paris June 2011
Textures from Paris June 2011
Artistic Pictures from Paris June 2011
Reconstruction Carreau du Temple June 2011
London June 2011

and our updated walking tour

Best wishes
Bill, Ineke and Fritz (the Westie)


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